US Airways Flight 1549
18.12.2022 (00:00)

Flight AWE 1549 departed New York at 15:24 EST. 90 seconds after takeoff (at 15:25:30) the voice recorder recorded the PIC's remark regarding the bird strike. A second later, the sounds of impacts and the rapid fading of the sound of both engines were recorded. The plane managed to gain a height of 975 meters before the collision with the geese. At 15:27:28, the PIC gave a distress signal and informed the air traffic controller about the collision of the aircraft with a flock of birds, as a result of which both engines were disabled. The loss of thrust from both engines was subsequently confirmed by a preliminary analysis of the records from both flight recorders. The pilots managed to turn the airliner flying north, south, glide over the Hudson River without hitting the George Washington Bridge, and at 15:30:43 EST splash down AWE 1549 opposite Manhattan 48th Street without destroying the heavy fueled aircraft. Finally, he stopped in front of 42nd Street. In total, the aircraft stayed in the air (from takeoff to splashdown) for about 7 minutes. After splashdown, the liner remained on the surface of the water, and the passengers exited through both emergency exits onto both wing planes. All 150 passengers on board were rescued by ferries and boats that approached the plane that splashed down a few minutes later (one of the ferry crossings between Manhattan and New Jersey was located near the splashdown site).