Aircraft maintenance
About Program
The graduate of the program is an aircraft mechanic, a specialist in aircraft repair and maintenance. The duties of this specialist include the maintenance of aircraft and helicopters in a state of airworthiness, the identification and elimination of malfunctions within their own working competence.
Learning language - English
Training period – 1 year
Program fee – from 5 000 EUR

At this stage of training, the student gets acquainted with the training program, studies the theoretical part, passes exams, gets an idea of the future field of activity and profession.
Introduction to the practical aspects of learning. Gets acquainted with the procedures of practical actions and the schedule of work. Laboratory work, practical exercises, and tests. Practical training in technical classes of the school.
Practical training in airlines and technical maintenance and repair stations of the aircraft. Practical work at various repairs under the supervision of the assessor. Tests in practical work, practical exams.
The advantage of the course
Theory combined with practice
A balanced number of training hours
Full training from zero to employment
Possibility to start training at any time (Long Life Education)
Requirements for student
- 18 years or older
- Secondary school graduation certificate
- Any other professional education certificates
- Basic knowledge of the English language (The level is specified during the interview)
Admission procedure
- Apply for training
- Provision of the requested educational documents
- Interview
- Conclusion of a training contract
- Confirmation of enrollment for training
Training and payment
- The training begins after the student receives the confirmation of enrollment within the period specified in the training contract.
- Payment for the training is made in accordance with the training contract.
- For programs designed for one year or more, payment is made in two installments during the academic semester.
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