Rigas Aviacijas Skola (RIAS)

This is a modern school that trains highly professional aviation specialists. Our school is a new vision of the next educational step for young graduates and all other people who wish to start their career path in aviation. We’re here to help your passion for aviation to grow into professionalism highly demanded by the market.

​Aircraft maintenance

Aircraft maintenance
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Specialist in the repair of composite materials
Autumn 2023
Aviation English
If you are at least 18 years of age, you have a secondary education diploma, you can apply for the training in our school, have an interview with us and together we will choose a study program the suits your interests best.
Training duration depends on the program that you choose. During the training you can link theoretical knowledge with practical skills. You can receive consultations on a wide range of subjects
Our graduate is a qualified specialist, demanded in the aviation field and prepared according to EASA standards.
Employment assistance is part of our program. We will make several job offers to our graduates for a successful career start.
Professional Aviation School RIAS
Professional Aviation School RIAS was designed to support a group of aviation specialists who are very experienced in education, management of airlines and servicing the aviation equipment, supporting airworthiness of aircraft. Our basic programs and courses are built on an innovative look at the system and methods preparing aviation specialists.
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Our Advantages
Start your training at any time (Long Life Education).
Advanced learning methodology that makes learning easier and faster.
An extremely short path from the beginning of training to entering the profession
Individual support for each student from the beginning of their studies and in their career.
One school – two certificates. Graduation diploma and EASA Part-66 certificate.
Why can passenger planes have walls instead of windows?
All passengers like to sit by the window, but there are often situations when, instead of the promised beautiful view, a person sees the wall of the plane, but why?
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US Airways Flight 1549
Flight AWE 1549 departed New York at 15:24 EST. 90 seconds after takeoff (at 15:25:30) the voice recorder recorded the PIC's remark regarding the bird strike. A second later, the sounds of impacts and the rapid fading of the sound of both engines were recorded.
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How did a man live 18 years at the airport?
Political refugee from Iran Mehran Karimi Nasseri has become a real mascot of Charles de Gaulle airport. Let's tell his story.
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Why do portholes need to be open?
According to the rules for ensuring flight safety, during taxiing, takeoff and landing of the aircraft, the porthole blinds must be open. The fact is that these stages of air transportation account for the largest number of emergencies. Therefore, security is given close attention.
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Will AI replace co-pilot?
Did you know that aviation companies around the world have been looking for a way to replace the co-pilot on aircraft for a long time?
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How and where did the plane collide with the fish?
It's hard to believe that this story isn't the plot of a new tiktok video or your grandfather's story. On the morning of September 10, McDeal Air Force Base Wildlife Conservation Manager Lindsey Garven was called to search the airstrip for a dead bird. Shortly before this, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Gulfstream G-IV medium turbofan twin-engine aircraft aborted its takeoff due to a bird strike.
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